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Started in Real Estate

I began my career in the real estate industry as an agent at REMAX after realizing that my relentless drive to create the biggest life possible would not happen if I were employed by someone else. In 2006, my then girlfriend, and now beautiful wife, Sarah Ostiguy Hergenrother, and I started the Hergenrother-Ostiguy Group. Our slogan was, “Hard to pronounce, but easy to work with!” Those days were awesome.
Trying to figure it all out and having no guidance, we just did what was natural – sell. We borrowed $8,000 to start our team and in the first 30 days spent half of it going to a Howard-Britton conference. It was the first time I learned that investing into yourself and your own education and training would provide the biggest return.

Adam Hergenrother

Founded KW Vermont

KW Vermont
About two years into building our team, we knew we wanted to grow and open our own brokerage where our values and thinking would be appreciated. I first met Gary Keller at a private session in Austin, TX with about 50 people. After about five minutes of listening to him speak, Sarah and I were sold.  We immediately came back to Vermont and set up the necessary appointments to open a Keller Williams Realty market center.
We had a goal, a plan, and we knew what we had to do. It would prove to be much more challenging than we thought. But we had chosen to step off the sidelines, and into the arena, and it was time to fight.  We spent the first few months in a small, rented space complete with a card table and folding metal chairs recruiting. And recruiting. And recruiting. By the time we officially opened our doors in April 2010, we had 30 agents, a team leader, and an operations director.
We were the fastest market center to ever open within Keller Williams in New England and we did it in less than 30 days.  Six years later, we have over 125 agents and associates throughout Northwestern Vermont and the Northeast Kingdom and consistently rank as one of the top real estate firms in the state. Our leadership team is fully committed to building KW Vermont into the real estate company of choice.

Expanded with HRG

In 2011, I founded Hergenrother Realty Group (HRG) in order to expand the successful team concept of The Adam Hergenrother Team beyond the borders of Vermont by partnering with a CEO/Team Leader to run a team. HRG’s business model is a foreign concept to many and often misunderstood, but it is also the future of real estate. Not all agents want to build a team. Many just want to be on a successful team that shares their values and vision and can help take them to the next level without an exorbitant amount of time or risk. And that’s just what HRG does.
After many iterations, trial and error, a few capital injections, and a lot of failing forward, we have solidified a model that exemplifies our passion for leadership and leverage. By providing our agents with exceptional centralized services, including world class coaching, training, administrative support, and lead generation, we allow our agents to focus on their one thing – helping people buy and sell real estate. The world is our playground and we won’t give up until HRG has covered the globe.
As KW Vermont started to grow into a mature company, I began solidifying the overall vision for my life and the legacy I wanted to leave through my companies. I realized that while I was dabbling in real estate investments and construction, I needed to get purposeful on building a company that complimented KW Vermont.
HRG Mission

Built BlackRock Construction

Again, with the end in mind of being a fully vertically integrated real estate group, I laid out the vision for BlackRock Construction to my brother, Tom Hergenrother, who already had a very successful residential construction business. In 2012, we decided to merge firms and have never looked back. Tom and I grew up in a residential construction family. It was inevitable that BlackRock would lead with residential construction; it’s what we knew. We started seeing synergies instantly with KW Vermont. Clients who couldn’t find what they were looking for now had an in-house builder to work with to develop and build exactly what they wanted. Our goal is to provide a fresh approach to each client and deliver lasting value, while ensuring a stress-free and unique experience for each of our clients. We do not merely build projects, we build experiences.
Around the same time we were ramping up our residential division, we began to build out our development division with the intent of not just building, but creating and designing projects that fulfill the needs of our clients and the community. Our growth at BlackRock over the past four five has turned a few heads. We’re the new kids on the block, but everyone knows our name. We will grow into the #1 construction and development company in the world – it’s just a question of how fast. Smart growth and superior service will get us there.

Launched the Training Organization

Never one for standing still, I decided to take my six plus years of coaching, consulting, and teaching, and formalize it into the Adam Hergenrother Training Organization in early 2016. Each week I share my thoughts about life, leadership, mindset, and entrepreneurship on my blog, Herg Life. I have also developed a one-day seminar, Life Without Limits, that I am currently teaching around the country. I believe in experience personal growth through business success and I am committed to helping others broaden their vision of the world and live a life without limits. What better way than to share the mindset shifting techniques, models, and systems that I have implemented in my life that have enabled me to take massive action, create lasting change, and build an incredible life?

With ten years of business experience behind me, I’m really just getting started. I can’t wait to see who’s lives we can change next.


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